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Madeira - A Botanical Melting Pot! 


Madeira definitely deserves its cognomen “Flower Island”. You will find plants from all regions of the earth growing in a very confined space. Wherever you go you will be surrounded by numerous familiar and unfamiliar plants. The botanical guide “Madeira- A Botanical Melting Pot!” contains plant descriptions that are organized in six typical groups: plants in gardens and parks, vegetation in coastal areas, flora of cultivated land and along the levadas, vegetation of the laurisilva forest, flora of the mountains and typical useful plants - altogether descriptions of 166 species, accompanied by colour photographs. You get to know interesting pieces of information that are directly or indirectly linked with the plant in question. Moreover there are enumerated these sites on Madeira where you may surely find them. The last chapter is dedicated to the island’s most beautiful gardens and parks; there you find information about the history of each garden, a detailed description and supplementary facts about opening hours, prices and how to get there by bus or by rented car. 

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